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Shank it Golf



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Experience golf-inspired style that stands out, with our SWING JUICE TEE from Birds of Condor. This T-shirt, the future of an exciting collaboration with Young Henrys, celebrates the launch of the Swing Juice Country Club XPA - perfect for both the golf course and a relaxed day at the pub.


  • 100% cotton

Design and Function

  • Exclusive collaboration: Swing Juice Country Club XPA and Young Henrys.
  • Unique design: The shirt has distinctive and charismatic patterns that are guaranteed to attract attention.
  • High quality material: Made from premium cotton for exceptional comfort and durability.
  • Advanced Durability: Our T-shirt is known for its long-lasting quality and ability to retain its shape, even after multiple washes.

Measurements and Sizes To ensure the best fit, we recommend that you measure a garment you already own and compare with the measurements below:

  • Chest width (measured across the chest a bit below the armpit):
    • S: 47 cm
    • M: 52 cm
    • L: 56.5 cm
    • XL: 61 cm
    • XXL: 64 cm
  • Length (measured from the middle of the neck to the bottom edge):
    • S: 71 cm
    • M: 75 cm
    • L: 78.5 cm
    • XL: 82 cm
    • XXL: 83.5 cm

This T-shirt is not only part of your golf equipment, but a fashionable garment that fits just as well in town as after a round on the golf course. With the SWING JUICE TEE you are always dressed right, ready to impress and express your passion for golf in a whole new way.

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