Our Story

"The important thing is not to win or be super good at golf, the important thing is to have real fun and look cool while playing"

- 2 Gringos

Some have it, some don't, the talent and drive needed to become really good at golf. We completely lack this and can't even classify ourselves as halfway good. Yet we stand there week after week swinging our club without much hope of the outcome, but having a lot of fun while we do it.

We believe that there are many people out there just like us, who would rather play well than play well and who find it at least as much fun to meet their friends as to sink a birdie. Those who don't break down in tears because you don't get your 5th putt on that short par 3, but instead start surfing around for a new putter.

In all our search for the "right" stuff (improvements to our game), we realized that there was a lot of attitude missing from golf fashion. Then and there we decided to take it to a new level and created 2Gringos where we offer brands and products that dare to go outside the norm and that bring a lot of attitude to golf.

The word Gringos means outcast, stranger and that is exactly what 2Gringos wants to represent, we want to be there for you who, just like us, choose your own path in golf.

We love golf and always will, it is a sport that should be played with great respect for players, opponents and surroundings, but above all you should have fun while playing it.