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Which male pro golfers dress best?

There are some male golfers who really stand out from the crowd with their outfits on the course.

Rickie Fowler is known for rocking a colorful wardrobe as if he were a painter working on a piece of art. His clothes could make a sunrise jealous!

Picture of Rickie Fowler

Justin Rose has a more "classic" style, but his clothes are still "green" with a sophisticated touch.

Picture of Justin Rose on the golf course

Ian Poulter is a man who has no fear of pattern or color and sometimes he may look like he got lost on his way to the carnival, but he really owns his own style!

Picture of Ian Poulter

Rory McIlroy prefers more muted tones and usually chooses to wear plain clothes, but he can still make hearts beat faster with his charming Irish accent.

Picture of Brooks Koepka

Brooks Koepka is a guy who prefers to show off his muscles on the court, opting for tight clothing that really highlights his "hole-in-one" body. He is definitely not a "slice" of boring clothes!

So, if you're wondering which golfers dress best on the course, there is no "fairway" answer. But one thing is for sure - these players show that it's not just about playing golf, it's about having fun and showing your personality!

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