Vi har granskat Blue Tees Series 3 Max Laser-avståndsmätare och här är vårt omdöme.

We've reviewed the Blue Tees Series 3 Max Laser Rangefinder and here's our review.

This rangefinder from a newcomer to the market stands out for its high-quality construction and ease of use. Accurate distances are quickly presented without fuss, making this unit a strong competitor in its segment.

Why choose Blue Tees Series 3 Max? There are several reasons to choose this laser rangefinder. First of all, it offers outstanding clarity and speed of reading. The design is premium without being too expensive. The device is also an excellent choice when it comes to affordability.

Is there anything you should consider? One minor issue we noticed was that the magnetic strap on the case tends to come loose.

Our "expert team" spends hours testing and comparing products to help you make the best choice for your needs.

Blue Tees Golf may be a new entrant, but their ambition is clear – to create products that perform at the highest level at an affordable price. The market for laser rangefinders is fairly saturated, but with the S3 Max model you get a high-end direct-to-consumer product, which is beneficial for the golfer who wants quality without breaking the bank.

Blue Tees was launched in 2019 by four golf enthusiasts who saw an opportunity to offer a premium laser at a lower price than the competition. The S3 Max is their flagship product.

What immediately catches the eye with the S3 Max is the crystal clear display. It is always easy to read, whether it is dusk or a gray morning, thanks to a light transmission of 88 percent – ​​something that is rare in this product category.

Like the best models from Bushnell, the S3 Max features target lock and vibration to confirm you have the right target, reducing guesswork and saving time. This rangefinder also has a tilt function that compensates for elevation differences, which is especially useful on new courses.

Another highlight is the speed at which the distance is shown on the display – there is virtually no lag.

A special feature is the built-in magnetic strip, which allows you to attach the laser to any metal surface. Although the magnetic lock that holds the laser in place could be improved as it can sometimes come off, it is a detail that stands out from the crowd.

The device comes in three colors – navy blue, black and pink – and has already started gaining attention on social media. In addition, Blue Tees offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and a two-year warranty, which provides extra peace of mind when purchasing.

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