Serieslip i tre delar, där en fågel missar en golfputt.

Discover the year's most unique and courageous golfers - selects winners in five categories

Every year, it is with great excitement and joy that, your favorite golf shop, selects the winners in various categories for golfers who dare to be themselves and go their own way on the golf course. We are proud to celebrate and recognize the individuals who dare to express their unique style, training methods and personality. By recognizing their courage and individuality, we inspire other golfers to dare to be true to themselves and express their passion for golf in their own way. Now let's present this year's worthy winners in each category!"

Picture of Anna Nordqvist standing with her arms crossed

The style icon - Anna Nordqvist:
Anna Nordqvist is a prominent Swedish golfer who has a fantastic style on the golf course. She wears stylish and elegant clothes that reflect her personality and exude confidence. Anna inspires other golfers to dare to express their style in a unique way.

Picture of Henrik Stenson giving thanks.

The training enthusiast - Henrik Stenson:
Henrik Stenson is known for his focused and dedicated training methodology. He is not afraid to try new techniques and use innovative training equipment to improve his game. Henrik is truly a training enthusiast who inspires other golfers to take their training to the next level.

Picture of Pernilla Lindberg on the golf course.

The creative thinker - Pernilla Lindberg:
Pernilla Lindberg is a golfer who has a unique and creative playing style. She is not afraid to try new moves and game strategies to challenge herself and her opponents. Pernilla's creativity and tactical thinking make her an exciting player to follow.

The Charmer - Henrik Norlander:
Henrik Norlander is a charming golfer who exudes confidence and charisma on the golf course. He has a relaxed and positive attitude that rubs off on both fellow players and spectators. Henrik is truly a charmer who captures attention.

Picture of Madelene Sagström holding up a trophy on the golf course.

The trendsetter - Madelene Sagström:
Madelene Sagström is a Swedish golfer who has a unique style and is always at the forefront of golf fashion. She dares to be innovative and experiment with different clothes and accessories on the golf course. Madelene is a trendsetter who inspires other golfers to dare to be brave and experiment with their style.

These Swedish golfers are our winners in 2023 who have chosen to go their own way and express their individuality on the golf course. By recognizing and celebrating their unique style, training methods and personality, 2Gringos Golfshop strives to offer products and services that suit these golfers. Visit us at 2Gringos to discover our handpicked range to help you express your personal style and improve your game on the golf course.

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