En hand iförd en vit golfhandske som håller i en golfboll. Handsken har detaljer med färgglada mönster på remmen runt handleden. I bakgrunden syns grön gräs. Till vänster i bilden skymtar en golfklubba.

Boost for New Golf Glove Brands: A Closer Look

In the growing world of golf equipment, a wave of innovative golf glove brands have recently entered, each with their own philosophy and design ideas. Let's dive deeper into what some of these brands stand for, and how they aim to change the game.

ITL Golf positions itself with a strong emphasis on innovation and quality, aiming to improve player performance through advanced materials and design.

a close-up of a woman putting on a golf glove with a pink motif.

Palm Golf Co. takes inspiration from golf culture and the lifestyle surrounding the game, with a focus on offering both style and functionality.

Asher Golf highlights the importance of combining high quality with unique style, aimed at the modern golfer who values ​​looks as much as performance.

Golfvante.com , a local brand, offers customized solutions for golfers looking for a personal touch to their equipment.

Modest Vintage Player is inspired by the classic and timeless, with a dedication to craftsmanship and quality reflected in their products.

Ghost Golf focuses on innovation in the world of golf, with a vision to offer products that combine high-tech solutions with style.

Close up of woman holding a golf club, she is wearing a camouflage golf glove.

Pelican Golf Co. emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmentally friendly material choices, without compromising on performance or design.

7Iron Golf introduces a new way of thinking about golf glove design and function, with the goal of optimizing the player's grip and comfort.

Benzy Golf and Skins Golf highlight both innovation and tradition, with the latter being our favorite brand for its unique approach to marrying classic design with modern technologies.

A golf glove with a motif of tacos on it, against a white background.

Kepel Golf stands out with its focus on sustainability and recyclable materials, which shows environmentally conscious thinking in golf fashion.

These brands represent only a fraction of the dynamic development in the golf glove market. At 2Gringos you will find a wide range of these innovative products, where each brand contributes its unique touch to the golfer's experience. Whether you're looking for performance, style, durability or a combination of all three, chances are you'll find your next golf glove with us. Explore our range and be inspired by the latest in golf gloves.

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