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PGA Tour Caddies: What They Make and How It Works

Being a caddy on the PGA Tour is not only a prestigious role, it can also be a lucrative career for those who are skilled and fortunate enough to work with successful golfers. Let's take a look at how caddies make their money and what variables affect their earnings.

Traditionally, it was considered ten percent of the golfer's winnings that the caddy received as compensation, but that is not always the case anymore. Today, a caddy negotiates an agreement with his player and while the details may vary, the industry standard is that the caddy receives a weekly salary of between SEK 13,000 and 26,000. This scholarship is a guaranteed amount regardless of the player's performance.

Variable Percentages The percentage of the player's winnings that goes to the caddy can vary depending on how well the golfer performs. According to a 2003 article in the "Sydney Morning Herald", the standard percentage at the time was 10 percent if the player won a PGA Tour event, 8 percent if the player finished second through tenth, and about 6 percent for all other placings. According to a 2007 article in "Forbes," the percentages were 10 percent for a win, 7 percent for a top finish without a win, and 5 percent if the golfer finished 11th or lower. Players who do not make the cutoff in a tournament - roughly half of the starting field - do not get to share any winnings with the caddy.

Expenses Caddies must cover their own travel expenses, Dennis Cone, who was president of the Professional Caddies Association at the time, told Forbes. Cone estimated that about 25 percent of a typical caddy's salary went to travel and lodging expenses. But according to the "Morning Herald," some caddies travel with their players on private jets and live with the players in rented houses.

The Highest Paid Caddies in 2022 Now that we've discussed how caddies generally make their money, let's take a look at the highest paid caddies on the PGA Tour in 2022:

  1. Ted Scott - Total: SEK 7,760,900
  2. Sam Pinfold - Total: SEK 5,409,050
  3. Billy Foster - Total: SEK 3,472,050

Being a caddy on the PGA Tour isn't just about carrying golf clubs and giving advice, it's also a career with the potential for financial success. The salary of a caddy can vary depending on the player's performance and negotiations, but it is a role that offers excitement, challenges and the opportunity to be part of the golf world's elite.

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