Två golfare i en golfbil som skålar till personen som tar bilden

New brand in store, Kenny Flowers

Kenny Flowers is a clothing brand founded in 2015 by Kenny Haisfield, an adventurer and entrepreneur who decided to create a collection of vibrant and unique clothing inspired by his travels around the world. Since then, Kenny Flowers has quickly become a favorite among trend-conscious men and women who love colorful patterns and high quality.

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Kenny Flowers offers a range of casual wear, such as shirts, shorts, swimwear and accessories, all made to the highest quality and with attention to detail. The brand's signature style is vibrant and playful designs, varying from tropical to more traditional designs with a modern twist. The creative and unique patterns are inspired by Kenny Haisfield's own travels and adventures around the world.

Kenny Flowers' clothing is perfect for casual summer and holiday activities, but also works well for more formal occasions with a touch of playfulness. The brand places great emphasis on quality and comfort, which is evident in their use of high-quality cotton and elastic fabric to ensure that the garments stay soft and comfortable for a long time.

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Kenny Flowers has not only become a customer favorite, but has also become known for its focus on social responsibility. A portion of the proceeds from each sale goes to charities around the world, demonstrating the brand's commitment to making a difference and contributing to a better world.

Kenny Flowers a unique and vibrant collection of clothing and accessories that are perfect for summer and holiday activities. The brand's signature style of vibrant patterns and high quality, along with their commitment to social responsibility, make Kenny Flowers a clothing brand that is both fun and meaningful to wear.

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