Illustration av en frustrerad vit fågel som håller en bruten golf flagga i näbben, med en golfboll och det separata klubhuvudet på marken framför sig, vilket antyder ett misslyckat försök att spela golf

New Rules of Golf 2023

Here are some of the most important rule changes in the 2023 Rulebook of Golf

  • A new rule has been introduced – Rule 25 – which makes golf more inclusive. Rule 25 applies to players with various types of disabilities and provides modifications to some of the other 24 rules. Paragolfers can thus play on the same terms as players without disabilities, and then play in the same competition and end up on the same results list.
  • It is a new procedure for taking relief on the flag line. You first draw an exact line from the flag back. Then you drop the ball on this flag line. The point on the flag line where the ball first hits the ground when dropped forms a relief area which is one club length in all directions from that point. So, the ball is allowed to roll up to a club length in all directions – forwards, backwards and sideways.
Cartoon image of a white bird and a light gray pig that appear to be fencing with golf clubs, providing a humorous depiction of animals participating in a human activity.
  • If you damage your club during the round, you may continue to play with the club, repair it or replace it. The exception is if you damage the club in a fit of rage. Then you may continue playing with the club, but not repair or replace it.
A comic drawing depicting a white bird and a beige pig in a spirited dispute after a bad round of golf, with the bird appearing to sing or scream while the pig has a firm grip on the club.
  • As a player in a stroke play competition (for example stroke golf and scoring bogey), you no longer need to enter your handicap on the scorecard. It is the responsibility of the tournament director to calculate your playing handicap and use it to calculate your net score.
  • If your ball is at rest off the green and is then shaken by natural forces such as wind or water, you must normally play it from its new position. An exception is now made, however, if you drop, place or re-place your ball.
Illustration of a white bird and a beige pig riding in a golf cart, both characters wearing sunglasses and looking to be having a good time together on the golf course.
  • The duty to make a stroke against an incorrectly substituted ball has been reduced from the general duty (two strokes in stroke play or loss of hole in match play) to only one stroke in stroke play and match play.
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