En klassisk vit Titleist golfboll med numret '3' och varumärkets namn i kursiv svart text, presenterad mot en vit bakgrund.

Ludvig Åberg's choice: The ball that takes his game to new heights

When it comes to golf, ball selection is as personal as it is important. For professional player Ludvig Åberg, it's easy - he chooses the Titleist Pro V1 . Åberg, who has made a name for himself in the golf world with his impressive performances recently, has found his perfect companion on the course.

The Titleist Pro V1 offers the ultimate combination of speed, spin and feel. For a player like Ludvig Åberg, who always strives to take his game to new heights, it is a ball that allows him to shape his shots with precision and feeling.

For Åberg, the Pro V1 is not just a ball, it's a tool that gives him the advantage of reaching longer and more precise shots from tee to green. The maximum spin at close range gives him the control needed to make the putt or approach the flag with confidence.

So the next time you see Ludvig Åberg hit his perfect shot, remember that the Pro V1 is the ball that takes his game to new heights. For us regular golfers, we can also benefit from this exceptional ball and perhaps achieve our own golfing goals. The Pro V1 is simply a ball that makes a difference, and it's no surprise that it's the choice for a player like Ludvig Åberg. We sell recycled Pro V1 at a fraction of the price of new.

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