Hur dåligt du än spelar golf kan det alltid bli värre!

No matter how bad your golf is, it can always get worse!

Golf is a sport that can provide a sense of satisfaction when you manage to hit a good ball, but it can also be one of the most frustrating sports out there. No matter how much you practice and try to improve your game, it can always get worse. But what if you actually want to ruin your golf game? Then we have the perfect list for you. Here's 2Gringo's top 9 ways to totally ruin your golf game

  1. Practice on mats. You can't miss a single shot. Seriously!
  2. Listen to the advice you got from the shirtless amateur at the driving range.
  3. Buy the same golf clubs as the latest PGA Tour winner. WITB - What's in the golf bag?
  4. Buy Golf Training Aids on eBay.
  5. Play in a group of bad golfers.
  6. Spend all your time practicing golf trick shots and posting them on your social networks instead of practicing how to play golf.
  7. Play by the rules, if you actually know them.
  8. Play with too stiff shafts for your slow swing because you are too manly and have to play with a "stiff" shaft.
  9. Play "Trackman Roulette". Analyze your swing with a Trackman and make adjustments to your swing and your gear, even if your swing changes every third time."
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