En vit golfhandske med mönster längst ner som symboler för fred och kärlek

Make a Statement on the Fairway: Discover the "Peace & Golf Tour Edition" Glove

Welcome to a new era of sophistication and style in women's golf gear. We are pleased to present the "Peace & Golf Tour Edition" – a golf glove that not only protects your hands but also makes a bold fashion statement.

Uniquely Yours: Design that Stands Out

Gone are the days of boring, all-white golf gloves. The "Peace & Golf Tour Edition" comes in a variety of design options that are as unique as you are. Want to add a pop of color or a personal touch to your golf attire? These gloves are designed to stand out and draw attention every time you step to the tee.

Luxury Meets Performance: AAA Cabretta leather

Crafted from the finest AAA cabretta leather, these gloves offer a softness that must be experienced. This premium leather is not only luxurious but also extremely durable, ensuring that the glove retains its shape and fit even after many rounds of golf. Flexible lycra on the fingers and wrist contribute to the glove's ability to conform to your hands, providing comfort without sacrificing grip or performance.

A white golf glove with patterns at the bottom as symbols of peace and love

Durability that Lasts

According to reviews, such as those from 'Golf Monthly', our " Peace & Golf Tour Edition " gloves are "very durable". They're made to last, retaining their shape and feel thanks to our innovative storage pouch that keeps them fresher for longer. This is a glove that will see you through countless games, supporting every swing and putt with reliability.

Size Guide Made Simple

Our glove is available in several sizes to ensure a perfect fit. For women, the size options range from Small (16.5-17.8 cm) to Large (19.1-19.7 cm) . We understand that finding the right size can be a challenge, so we've included a detailed size guide on our website. Remember that cabretta leather tends to stretch slightly with use, so if you are between two sizes, it is wise to choose the larger size.

A white golf glove worn by a golfer with designs at the bottom as symbols of peace and love

Your New Golf Friend

Say goodbye to the ordinary and welcome a glove that enhances your game, expresses your style and lasts. The "Peace & Golf Tour Edition" is more than just a golf glove; it's an investment in your golf attire and a reflection of your personal style on the course.

Take the plunge with style and confidence – your new home for golf gloves has arrived. Join this stylish revolution and make your mark on the runway! See all our golf gloves here

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