Golfens Lilla Gärning med Stor Effekt: Att Laga Nedslagsmärket

Golf's Little Deed with Big Impact: Fixing the Impact Mark

One well-placed shot, and there it is - the impact mark, proof that your shot has reached its destination on the green! A moment of triumph. But here comes the real question: have you fixed your impact mark? Not fixing this small mark can have big consequences for the course. Let me explain why.

An illegal impact mark isn't just an aesthetic nuisance, it's a potential gateway to trouble. Grass that is badly affected has a hard time recovering, and this creates a perfect environment for disease to germinate. Fungal diseases spread quickly and can cause serious damage to the green, which in turn affects your playing experience.

So, how do you cook a drop mark correctly? It's a simple process that can make a big difference to the health of the track. Take your greensetter and push the tip down just outside the mark. Then you break the upper part of the green lager against the mark. A good technique is to twist the putter a little while breaking to achieve the best results. Be sure to break around the mark from at least four directions so that new grass can cover the spot. Finish by pressing the grass surface with the blade of your putter so that it is completely even.

It's not just your own impact mark that you should think about. Also, take a few extra seconds to fix the marks that previous players have forgotten or chose to ignore. By being responsible golfers and taking care of our course together, we make it easier for our greenkeepers to keep the course in top condition.

Let's make this a habit every time we play. Repairing the impact mark is not only a gesture to the course and its beauty, it is an investment in our own playing experience and the golf community as a whole.

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