Bild på ett golfhål på Sundsta golfbana, man ser en välklippt fairways.

Golf course: Sundsta Golf Club

Welcome to 2Gringo's Golf Reviews! At 2Gringos we love golf, adventure and beer, and we have decided to take on the task of testing and reviewing golf courses around Sweden. We explore and play different golf courses to give you an insight into their beauty, challenges and unique characteristics. Our passion is to share our experiences and guide you when choosing which golf course to visit next. But unlike other golf ban tests, we are pretty mediocre golfers.

We consider everything from design and layout to fitness and maintenance, as well as the facilities and beer at the golf club. We aim to provide a fair and objective assessment to help you make informed decisions about your rounds of golf. Whether you are an experienced golfer or a beginner exploring this wonderful sport, we hope to inspire and guide you through our reviews.

Join us on our journey as we explore golf courses and share our adventures. Let's discover exciting places together, enjoy challenging golf holes and create lifelong memories. Welcome to 2Gringo's Golf Reviews! First Sundsta Golf Club.

Location: Norrtälje, Sweden

Test year: 2023

Overview: Sundsta Golfklubb is a popular golf course located near the beautiful summer town of Norrtälje. With its scenic surroundings and high-quality facilities, the golf club offers a pleasant and inviting playing experience for golfers of all ages and skill levels. If you want to add a party night, Norrtälje offers an okay selection on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, especially during the summer. However, you need to drive from the golf course.

Design and layout: Sundsta Golf Club has a well-maintained 18-hole course and a simpler peg and pay 9-hole course. The 18-hole course has a variety of challenging holes and interesting golf holes. The course is surrounded by lush trees, and its design takes into account the natural terrain in a way that both challenges and appeals to players.

Condition and maintenance: The golf course at Sundsta Golf Club is in excellent condition. The fairways are well maintained and provide a good playing surface, while the greens are level and fast. The bunkers were under maintenance when we tested.

Degree of difficulty: Sundsta Golfklubb offers a varied degree of difficulty, which means that both beginners and more experienced golfers can find challenges on the course. Some holes require precision and strategy, while others offer opportunities for players to use their drivers and hit long shots. It is a golf course that rewards players who hit long, as there are a lot of long holes. For those of you who are not very skilled golfers, in our opinion the last 9 holes are significantly more difficult, as there is a lot of water, and several holes that you should hit at least 100 meters before the ball lands to get over the water. Can cost many drops last 9 holes.

If we come to the 9-hole course, it is a simple course, mostly short pairs of 3 holes.

Facilities: Sundsta Golf Club has modern facilities which include a clubhouse with a restaurant serving tasty food and drinks. The clubhouse shop is very limited, a few pegs, balls and gloves. There is also a driving range for players to practice and improve their shots. However, this is quite a distance from the 18-hole course. by the clubhouse there is a practice green.

Value for money: The prices to play at Sundsta Golfklubb are reasonable and well worth the high quality of the golf course. There are different types of membership and green fee options to suit different needs and budgets.

18-hole course 450 sek for holiday

9-hole course peg and play 200 sec

Finally: The club doesn't seem to have many people playing it, so if you have a bad round, it's pretty good to end up on the other holes with the tees without it doing much. You who hit long shots will appreciate the course more than you who hit short ones.

Read more about the golf course on Sundsta's website.

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