Golfbana: Burviks Golfklubb

Golf course: Burviks Golfklubb

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Golf course: Burviks Golfklubb Location: Burvik, Sweden

Year of test 2023

Overview: Burviks Golfklubb is a nice golf course located in the beautiful nature of Burvik, Sweden. The proximity to Uppsala can mean that you can combine Uppsala and golf if you have a car. The range of nightlife is good in Uppsala in spring and autumn. But during the summer it is significantly worse as all the students have fled the city and it shows.

It's nice and fun design and scenic surroundings offer the golf club a lovely round of golf for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

Design and layout: Burviks Golfklubb has a well-maintained 18-hole course that impresses with its creative and challenging design. The course is elegantly integrated into the natural terrain and offers varied holes that require precision and strategy. The spectacular views and well-balanced layout make every round a memorable experience. The training area is good and right next to the first hole, with a driving ranch and good and large putting area.

Condition and maintenance: The golf course at Burviks Golfklubb is in excellent condition. The fairways are well maintained and offer a perfect surface to hit from, while the greens are fast and level. The course staff put a lot of effort into maintenance and upkeep, which is evident in the high quality of the golf course's condition.

Level of difficulty: We found Burviks to be a relatively easy course to play on. The course has strategically placed bunkers, water hazards and natural challenges that require precision and accuracy. Suitable for those who are all-rounders in their golf, i.e. like us not particularly good at any point.

Facilities: Burviks Golf Club offers good facilities for its guests Restaurant serves good lunch and good beer here is a good environment for golfers to relax and enjoy good food and drink after a round on the course. The clubhouse also has a well-stocked pro shop offering high-quality golf equipment and accessories. Obviously not as good as 2Gringos, but still good for a golf course.

Value for money: Burviks Golfklubb is a bit in the top price range for its quality, but still approved for golf experiences given the high quality of the course and facilities.

Weekend green fee SEK 650

Other: They also offer soccer golf and padel and a three-hole course that we have not tested.

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