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Golf has somehow become cool

Golf is definitely on the rise and part of its popularity can also be explained by the sport becoming more accessible and inclusive. Traditional restrictions such as a dress code have been loosened and new versions of the sport have been developed to attract new players, such as Topgolf and Sixes. In addition, new big money sponsors such as BMW, Rolex and Nike have invested heavily in the sport, contributing to increased attention and popularity.

All this has resulted in a renewed interest in golf among old and new fans alike. With an increase in the number of golfers and an increasingly diversified demographic, we can say that golf has become somewhat "cool" again, and 2Gringos is here for it!

The new accessibility of the sport has allowed more people to take up golf as a hobby. Golf courses are now more accommodating and inclusive, and traditional dress code rules have become more flexible. This has made it easier for a wider audience to feel comfortable and welcome on the golf course. Golf clubs around the world have also started offering fun and engaging programs for children and youth, enabling new generations to discover the sport.
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In addition, new versions of the sport have been created that allow people to play golf in a more relaxed way. Topgolf, for example, is a version of the sport that involves hitting balls on a driving range at various targets for points, and Sixes is a version that involves playing six holes instead of the traditional 18-hole course. These new versions of golf have attracted a new audience that may not be interested in the traditional version of the sport.

In the end, heavy investments from companies such as BMW, Rolex and Nike have contributed to golf becoming more visible and popular. These big money sponsors have allowed the sport to be marketed more aggressively and have increased interest in golf on a global level. This has made golf more relevant and exciting to a new generation of players and has contributed to a renewed popularity of the sport.
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In summary, golf's popularity has increased due to its accessibility, new versions of the sport, and heavy investment by large corporations. With a younger crowd coming into the sport and a more inclusive and relaxed attitude, golf has become a sport that stands out and has become 'cool' again.
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