En färgglad putter headcover med ett mångfärgat randigt mönster och en del med ett detaljerat dödskallemönster, som skyddar ett putterhuvud, mot en vit bakgrund.

The Facts Reveal: Your Putts Are Probably Not As Good As You Think

It's a common scene on the golf course - you stand there with the putter in your hand, aim for the hole and hope for the best. But how good is your putting really? According to the research, chances are your expectations are way too high. In fact, we often overestimate our ability when it comes to putting. Here are some eye-opening insights that can change the way you look at your putting.

Statistics from the PGA Tour show that the professional players have their own challenges when it comes to putting. For example, the numbers show that a PGA Tour player has the following success percentage at various distances:

1.5 meters: One-putt - 75%, Two-putt - 24.7%
3 meters: One-putt - 38%, Two-putt - 60.3%
4.5 meters: One-putt - 22%, Two-putt - 77%
6.1 meters: One-putt - 14%, Two-putt - 84%
7.6 meters: One-putt - 10%, Two-putt - 87%
9.1 meters: One putt - 7%, Two putt - 88%
15.2 meters: One-putt - 3%, Two-putt - 81%
The numbers reveal an obvious reality - putting becomes more challenging the further you are from the hole. Even the professional players struggle when the distance increases. These numbers provide insight into the subtle art form that is putting. We all have that friend who expects to sink every putt... is it time to bring him down to earth?

Two golf club caps on a reflective surface, one vertical and one horizontal, with a combination of colorful stripes and decorated with detailed skull patterns, complemented by black and white sections.

It is important to understand that sinking putts is not only about distance, but also about adapting to different situations. When it comes to two-putting, which is often a key to reducing the number of putts per round, research shows that the average two-putt distance of the pros is around nine meters. For intermediate golfers, this average distance drops to 7.6 meters.

But putting is not just about technique and distance. Mastering long putts is about being able to read the green correctly and visualize the movement of the ball towards the target. It is an art that requires both experience and training.
Golf club cap with a geometric and tropical leaf pattern in vibrant colors of blue, pink and green, with a clear 'Noonan' label on the side, against a white background.

So the next time you stand on the green with the putter in hand and feel the pressure to putt, remember that putting is a skill that requires patience, practice and realistic expectations.

But whether you sink a putt or not, have a nice putting guard in the meantime.

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