2Gringos Introducerar Matchstick Golfbollmarkörer – En Revolution inom Golfbollmarkörer

2Gringos Introduces Matchstick Golf Ball Markers - A Revolution in Golf Ball Markers

Lovers of golf and style, get ready! 2Gringos, have just expanded their range with an exciting new product line from Matchstick Golf, known for their high quality golf accessories. In an industry constantly seeking innovation, Matchstick Golf stands out with its unique golf ball markers, sold in packaging designed to resemble matchboxes.

Matchstick Golf, based in St. Johns area of ​​Portland, Oregon was founded in 2021 after its creators recognized a void in the market for interesting, well-designed, affordable and playable golf ball markers. "We couldn't find a brand that offered better art for all golfers. So we started our own," says Dane, one of the founders.

Their products, which include everything from golf ball markers to towels and tools, are the result of months of design and careful consideration. Each product undergoes a rigorous quality control process. "Our markers don't have obtrusive branding, they're not big poker chips or heavy pieces of CNC-milled brass. And there are no crazy prices," explains Dane.

With golf's modern era and changing traditions, Matchstick Golf has risen to the challenge of offering golf ball markers that are not only small and personal accessories, but also tell a story about the golfer and give confidence when putting.

2Gringos are excited to introduce Matchstick Golf to their range. "We are always on the lookout for products that combine quality, design and function. Matchstick Golf meets all these criteria and more," says Kristofer Reinsson, CEO of 2Gringos.

For golf enthusiasts looking for that little something extra both on and off the course, these markers in matchbox-like packaging offer a unique blend of style and practical functionality. With Matchstick's first 20 design launches and more to come, the future looks bright for golf fashion enthusiasts.

"We can't wait to show what we have in store next," concludes Dane with an excitement that clearly reflects the company's innovative spirit. With 2Gringos and Matchstick Golf in partnership, the golf world sees a new era of style and function on the horizon.

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