11 tips för att bryta 90 i golf

11 tips for breaking 90 in golf

Breaking 90 in golf is a major milestone for many golfers. It requires a combination of technical skill, mental focus and strategic planning. Here are ten tips from 2Gringos that can help you break 90 on the golf course.

  1. Have realistic expectations - Breaking 90 takes time and effort. Have realistic expectations of your performance and see it as a step-by-step process.
  2. Focus on your card game - Many golfers lose strokes due to poor card play. Focus on practicing your chips, pitches and putting to reduce the number of strokes on the course.
  3. Have the right clubs in your bag - Make sure you have clubs that suit your game and ability. Using clubs that suit your needs can help you make better shots and reduce the number of misses.
  4. Play Easier Shots - Don't always try to hit the longest driver or hardest shot. Instead, play safe shots that suit your ability.
  5. Practice strategically - Try to plan your game and think about how to get around the course in the most efficient way. Having a strategy can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  6. Be realistic with your putts - Putts are critical to breaking 90, but expecting to always sink them is unrealistic. Instead, focus on making fewer three-putts and try to sink as many putts as possible.
  7. Focus on your balance - Good balance is important for making stable and controlled shots. Practice improving your balance through exercises such as standing on one leg or doing balance exercises.
  8. Have a positive attitude - A positive attitude can make a big difference on the golf course. Focus on the positive aspects of your game and think of past good performances.
  9. Have a consistent routine - Having a set routine before each stroke can help you stay focused and boost confidence. Create a routine for your shots, including choosing the club, visualizing the shot, and executing the shot.
  10. Be present in the moment - Being present in the moment is one of the most important mental skills in golf. Focus on the shot you are going to hit now and not what has happened before or what might happen later on the course.
  11. You can't cheat in golf... but don't always record your worst rounds.
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